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The cunning father makes the lions lose face salt

Apparently, even the lions could not have expected the cunningness of the honey badger.

The small but famous animal in the animal world is none other than the honey badger. With his fearless attitude and unbelievable ferocity, even facing lions, they are not afraid.

In the Selinda Reserve in northern Bostwana, a honey badger is surrounded by a herd of lions. Apparently, predators would rather attack the honey badger out of curiosity than for a meal because it is so small.

In the face of the lions’ siege, the honey badger maintained his trademark attitude to fight back. It constantly threatens and attacks its enemies without hesitation.

Even when being bitten by a lion with its teeth and pressed to the ground, the honey badger is not afraid. It is even very smart when it comes to leading predators to follow it during a struggle.

The lions made the mistake of letting the honey badger take the lead. The honey badger dragged the lions to a cave and disappeared there to the surprise of the pack.

Predators seem to want to tease it instead of eating it

Overwhelmed in both numbers and strength, the honey badger is fearless

Even when it fits in the mouth of a predator it is still very careless

While fighting the lion, it lures enemies in its direction

The honey badger escapes from the lions when it reaches a nearby cave

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