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The eel was trapped in the heron’s neck and could not escape.

One of the most chilling stories in the natural world, seemingly only in the imagination, has obvious evidence. It is the story of an eel stabbing the neck of a heron despite being swallowed by a predator.

The images were taken by Sam Davis in Ireland. Initially, he saw a heron in flight with a strange object hanging below its neck. He guessed that the bird was bitten on the neck by a snake or some other species and refused to let go.

The heron is flying with a strange object in the neck that makes many people curious
However, when he approached and photographed at a closer angle, he saw that the eel had pierced the neck of the cephalopod. Apparently, it was swallowed by the heron and used its sharp tail to tear the flesh of the predator to get out.

The scene looks like something out of a horror movie, but it’s not without foundation. The heron is the eel’s number one enemy, but if it swallows its prey alive, it’s unknown what will happen.

Eels with pointed tails often stab the stomach or body of a predator to find a way to escape. However, the time it got stuck in the escape process while the heron did not die, it became the target of both eagles and foxes.

Perhaps, an inevitable sad ending due to the not-so-light wound and the stalking of predators.

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