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The family of leopards lost their delicious food because the impala was too cunning

The impala’s lie still, pretending to be dead, caused the mother leopard to be deceived extremely painfully.

After catching the impala, the mother leopard immediately bit the opponent’s neck to make the prey suffocate and die. Meanwhile, 2 cubs also want to participate in killing the prey.

As for the impala, because its mother was bitten on the neck by the cheetah, it had to lie still, unable to struggle. However, this antelope was very cunning when pretending to be dead to distract predators.

Just waiting for the mother leopard to release its prey, it immediately jumped up and ran for its life. Because the mother leopard lost too much strength in the hunt, and the cub still did not have enough hunting experience, the impala created a spectacular escape from death.

It is known that this scene was accidentally recorded by tourists at a Wildlife Sanctuary in Africa.

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