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The hyenas fight the lions: The battle is reversed

A herd of hyenas was enjoying a meal of a large buffalo when a lion appeared.

Lions and hyenas are arch-enemies in the African wild. These two species often fight for each other’s meals, uncompromising battles.

A herd of hyenas was enjoying a meal of a large buffalo when the lion appeared, immediately the fight broke out. The hyena attacked the lion with all its might, at this time there were only the first lions.

At first, the lion was completely overwhelmed by the hyenas.
Outnumbered, hyenas chase lions and run away. It even pushed the lord of the jungle to the riverbank in a difficult position to support.

But at this moment, other lions came and the game was turned upside down. The lion successfully robbed the hyena’s prey. The hyenas could only watch helplessly at this point.

The images were recorded in the Londolozi Reserve, South Africa. Video of hyena and lion stealing prey:

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