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The jaguar had an uphill battle with the cougar, who had to run away?

It’s a well-rounded battle and it’s hard to guess the ultimate winner.

The cougar (the scientific name is Puma concolor) is a formidable predator of North America, Central America and South America, they have the speed (80 km / h) and the strength to be able to defeat animals. The opponent is much bigger than me.

Jaguar (Scientific name: Panthera onca) is also a big feline with full hunting skills, it is the cat species possessing the most powerful biting force with a unique way to defeat prey, which is to attack the victim’s head instead of the throat.

The two have overlapping habitats, so in the wild they can clash completely. So when the two clash, which species will win? Watch the video below to see the results of this fiery match.

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