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The lion worked hard to dig a burrow to pull the humpback pig, but he never expected to meet a stubborn hyena to steal the bait

The hyena despite the pain of being attacked by a lion to fill her hungry stomach, will she succeed?

In Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, a lioness tries to dig a deep burrow which she knows has very attractive prey underneath. Indeed, after digging for a while, he was able to pull out a humpback pig.

However, the hump is so strong and aggressive that the lion alone struggles very hard to bring down this prey. Not only that, a formidable foe has also scented an opportunity, so he comes to profit.

The one who dared to compete with the lion was the spotted hyena, who was unafraid in a one-on-one fight and frantically rushed to slaughter the pig despite the lion’s attacks. The lion finally defended his meal.

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