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The lioness recklessly attacked the giant prey, until the last minute was miserably chased

Lions are fearsome predators, but often they will do it in packs. Once attacked alone, lions may not be able to defeat large prey.
Indeed, once fighting alone, the lion’s victory rate will be greatly reduced, even if the prey is not fully mature as shown in the video below.

The lioness recklessly attacked the giant prey, until the last minute was miserably chased

Although the African forest elephant is not fully mature, its size still exceeds that of the hunter. In addition, the elephant in the short video above also possesses a pair of small tusks, enough for it to be able to defend itself in critical cases.

As for the lioness, perhaps this is the rare time she hunts alone. Although it was difficult, if it could defeat the giant prey, it would be an extremely hearty meal, it could not pass up this opportunity and was forced to attack immediately. What it needs to do is literally knock down the young elephant.

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Once the elephant fell, with its large body, it was almost futile to get up again to continue the resistance.

The giant prey itself seems to know it, and it tries so hard to finally knock the lioness away. After this turning point in the war, the elephant became extremely angry and chased back the hunter. As for the lioness, losing in the struggle caused her to lose too much strength and then only know how to curl her tail and run away when the cub chases her.

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