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The prince of the hippopotamus goes to quarrel everywhere, even the crocodile has to be humble

Although the crocodile actively “dodged” the baby hippo, this character’s fighting habit did not stop. The little hippopotamus continued to “cheat” with the wild buffalo.
Hippos and crocodiles are considered to share the same habitat, they often spend a lot of time in ponds, lakes and rivers. Despite being neighbors, this couple does not get along very well, on difficult days, hippos can be ready to kill crocodiles in an instant.

This is also one of the rare opponents that crocodiles must watch out for if they want to survive in Africa. Perhaps that’s why the baby hippo kept coming to fight with the crocodiles on the shore.

Baby hippo “hungry” causes problems from crocodiles to wild buffalo, but the new results are surprising

Quite surprisingly, when being provoked like that, the adult crocodile did not respond, on the contrary, it quietly went into the water as a way to avoid trouble. It must be known that the hippopotamus is a very protective animal, especially for its young and territory. So it is possible that the mother hippo is nearby, so the crocodile has chosen to withdraw safely.

Okay, a while later the baby hippo again started a fight with a wild buffalo that was coming to drink water. But contrary to the viewer’s thoughts and the baby hippo itself, the buffalo not only did not avoid it, but also showed a taciturn and stubborn attitude.

Faced with this, perhaps the immature hippo also sensed the danger that came from that attitude and decided to go back underwater.

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