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The strange story in the pig owl’s nest: The father bird returned and discovered a ‘stranger’, the unexpected ending!

Both species of birds compete for this ‘house’.

In a nest of pig owls (Scientific name: Tyto alba) consisting of 7 young, an extremely rare event happened and if there was no camera recording, perhaps we would not know. During the day, the parents often have to go out to find food.

This is also the time when uninvited ‘guests’ come, which is a pair of pigeons and more surprisingly, a pigeon even lays eggs in the nest of a pig owl. It seems that it chose the wrong place to lay its eggs because the pig owl is a raptor.

When the father bird returned, it brought food but still did not detect the difference inside the nest, it was not until the second time that it became aware of the situation and rushed to attack the opponent. However, the pigeon is still very stubborn, it is not until the mother owl returns that the end is decided.

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