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The wandering jaguar suddenly found a full “buffet” meal

No competitors, the prey is not able to escape, the number of “meals” is high… indeed, this leopard was too lucky to meet such a situation.
While visiting the Kruger National Park, Tayla McCurdy and her friends encountered a rare case. The male leopard was wandering in the hot weather of the African savanna when he discovered a “treasure”.

Indeed, what it encountered was nothing more than a treasure kept in this harsh habitat. Hot dry weather causes the small lakes to gradually dry up, sometimes they become shallow puddles. In a similar situation, the fish are trying to survive with the little water left.

And that’s what the leopard met. There were no competing predators around, in front of which were countless fish stuck in that very small puddle, they seemed unable to run away. And what the leopard has to do is now very simple, it just has to wade into the water and choose a suitable bait.

According to Tayla, the next day the visiting group returned, they still encountered the leopard and it is likely that it is still continuing to have delicious morsels from the full and equally easy buffet.

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