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The whole family of hyenas gathered to eat the rhinoceros meat, the victims’ accomplices watched helplessly

According to Daniel, that day he woke up and started his trip quite early. On her journey, Daniel encounters 3 rhinos surrounded by hyenas, sometimes jumping in to attack. This is really something out of the ordinary.

It should be known that the hyena is a species whose body structure is not suitable for hunting, so they often take advantage of the advantage of numbers to compete for prey with other carnivores. Of course, sometimes they also actively hunt, but often will choose prey of the right size, not a giant animal with thick skin like a rhinoceros.

Looking more closely, we can see that among the rhinos, one has been injured in the back, near the tail. And that is the reason for the hyenas to recklessly approach and attack. They constantly “flesh” their prey even when the rhino is alive and try to escape from the encirclement. But unlucky for it, the hyenas took turns attacking, not giving the rhino a second to rest.

The other two rhinos, although there were some moves to protect their members, were not enough, they were helpless to watch. In the end, all three rhinos tried to run away, but they were not as fast as the hyenas.

According to Daniel, because both sides ran too far together, the tour group did not know how the story would end.

However, if the situation continues like this, sooner or later the injured rhino will be exhausted from the hunger of the hyenas.

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