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The whole herd of lions “deployed” to hunt the wild buffaloes when they had to break up the battle, they had to hide and hide: Shame on the king of the jungle!

The buffalo was so strong that it caused too much trouble for the lion.

A wild buffalo was chased by a herd of lions over a large meadow, with a space so large that it was difficult for the buffalo to escape the bloodthirsty hunters. But then something unexpected happened.

Even though the lions were mobilizing their maximum strength, they could not bring their prey to the ground because the buffalo was too strong. Regardless of the lion climbing on the back or attacking the “council”, the buffalo always stands in front of the enemy.

He turned to the lions, causing the whole herd to panic and flee, some even had to hide in the bushes. From the hunter the lion became the hunted, in the end the buffalo survived and won convincingly.

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