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Thinking of success, the lions were suddenly allowed to taste ‘bitter fruit’ by wild buffalo

Being cornered, the buffalo risked his life to save himself. Buffalo is a favorite prey of lions. They are aggressive and dangerous, but if successful, the predators will have a full, delicious meal for themselves.
Photography by BBC/Youtube

In Kruger National Park, the lions targeted a wild buffalo. Immediately, they separate their prey from the flock and begin their attack quickly.

The lions attacked from many sides in the hard support of the buffalo. It can be seen that the prey was not lightly injured, but it did not give up but stubbornly fought back to the end.

Photography by BBC/Youtube

The fierce battle for survival, being driven to the road with wild buffalo like crazy, made the predators think they had firmly grasped the victory and had to leave. Although it was able to drive away the lions, but with not a light wound, its fate is also left open.

Photography by BBC/Youtube


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By Source:  Pacquiao Williams/Youtube

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