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Tired of fighting to the death with leopards, the bitch was captured and lost her cubs

While hunting leopards, the dog allowed her cubs to be taken away by another leopard.

The heart-wrenching moment was captured by surveillance cameras at a facility owned by the Indian Oil Corporation in Karwar, southern India.

Specifically, a female dog was sleeping next to her cubs when a leopard suddenly approached and attacked her from behind.

Attacked by surprise, the bitch immediately turned to fight and pursued the enemy. At the same time, another leopard appeared and took the puppies away.

The leopard (Panthera pardus) is one of the four big cats of the genus Panthera that live in Africa and Asia. They are 1 to almost 2 meters long and weigh 30 to 90 kg. Females are usually about two-thirds as small as males. Although smaller than other big cats, leopards are formidable predators.

With the ability to camouflage, hide and move flexibly, leopards can approach residential areas undetected. In India, it is not uncommon for them to sneak into residential areas to hunt dogs.

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