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Venomous snake attacks owl’s nest on high, mother owl protects baby from being bitten in the face – what is the outcome?

The mother owl was extremely brave before the enemy to protect her baby, will the snake achieve its intention or not? Let’s keep an eye on the details of this confrontation.

A dog-toothed snake (Scientific name is Boiga Cynodon) has quietly approached a nest of owls in a high tree, but the mother owl is always beside to protect her children. How will the battle unfold?

The dog-toothed snake is native to Asia and can grow up to 2 m in length, feeding on small birds or bird eggs, lizards, and small mammals. Rattlesnakes are rear-fanged and have mild venom that is not dangerous to humans.

In this fight, the owl was bitten in the face by the opponent, but the venom of the snake can only paralyze small prey. Therefore, the mother owl still protects the chicks when the predator attacks her nest.

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