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While walking, he was attacked by a dog, using a “single move”, the guy made the aggressive animal run away in fear.

Through the clip, this young man can be seen walking on the street when he suddenly encountered a dog that bursts out from a nearby residential area.

This unexpected incident made him scared and unconsciously ran away. However, the dog still rushed towards him at a very fast speed.

In an urgent situation, the young man decided to jump into the ditch right next to it and swim to the other side to escape the ferocious animal.

But what’s even funnier is that the aggressive dog was startled at the guy’s decisive resolution and then immediately turned and ran away.

Having an affair because she couldn’t stand being alone, after divorcing her husband, the stunned woman received an ending that was beyond all expectations.

In feudal times, only the emperor could wear a dragon robe, why can Bao Cong also wear the same costume as the king?
When the dog left, the young man mentioned above safely went ashore, and those who witnessed this “confrontation” in the surrounding area had the opportunity to hug their stomach and laugh.

After this video was posted on social networks, many netizens couldn’t help but be shocked by this guy’s “extraordinary body”, even humorously saying that he only used a single move to jump down. the ditch was able to scare the bad dog away.

However, there are also some people who think that the guy’s reaction is a bit excessive because the other dog is not sure to bite him.

These people also advise that people should not follow the guy, because if you don’t know how to swim, jumping into the water will be extremely risky.

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