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Wild buffaloes were bitten in the face by crocodiles and drowned in the river

Due to lack of vigilance, an adult wild buffalo was run over by a crocodile in the water.

This incredible scene was recorded by a tourist in Mabula, South Africa.

Due to being absorbed into drinking water, an adult buffalo was suddenly attacked by a crocodile. After giving a big bite to the buffalo’s face, the crocodile dragged the victim into the river and drowned him.

Although the buffalo used its strength to drag and shake vigorously, the crocodile still refused to let go.

Finally, when the buffalo could no longer resist, the crocodile began to enjoy its meal. Witnessing the scene of their fellow victims before their eyes, the herd of buffaloes could only watch but could not help.

Crocodiles are ambush hunters, they wait for fish or land animals to approach, then quickly attack. Over short distances, crocodiles are very agile, especially when in the water. In addition, they also have extremely strong jaws and sharp teeth to tear their prey.

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