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Wild buffaloes were dead tragically injured in the face of lions

The wild buffalo was injured in the leg and fell into the sights of the lions and in a few short minutes, the “lords of the grasslands” easily killed their prey.

Across the grasslands of Africa, the buffalo is known to be one of the largest animals in the world. With a bodyweight of more than 1 ton, they are the 4th largest herbivore after elephants, hippos, and rhinos.

In addition, wild buffalo also possess extremely sharp horns and they are very protective of their fellow humans when they are ready to rush to attack predators to rescue members of the herd when in danger.

However, the lion is the king of the grasslands. Thanks to their superior strength and excellent coordination ability among the members of the herd, they are still able to kill wild buffalo, even elephants.

In the video above, the buffalo was not only lost from the herd, but also suffered a leg injury, so it was easily caught by the lions. In just a few short minutes, the “big cats” easily defeat their prey and then slowly enjoy the hearty feast.

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