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Wild dogs used “poison” to defeat the wild buffalo

After separating the buffalo from the herd, the wild dogs immediately rushed to attack and defeat the prey.

In the clip, a pack of feral dogs of around 15 recklessly rushed to attack a herd of adult buffaloes. Their strategy was successful when a buffalo was separated from the herd.

Seeing their fellows in distress, wild buffaloes rushed to the rescue. However, some stray dogs immediately split into another group to discourage them. Faced with the team’s misdeeds, the lone wild buffalo was defeated soon after.

Mark Nicholson, tour guide at the Zambezi National Park, said he had never witnessed such a professional and dramatic hunt in his 16-year career.

African wild dogs are known to be masters in the art of coordinated savannah hunting with a success rate of up to 3/4 on each hunt. They also have one of the strongest bites of all carnivorous mammals.

In order to hunt large prey, herd members must have good coordination. Before hunting their prey, they disperse to surround and choose a target. One animal approached the prey, another moved to block the flanks and the others lined up alternately. Their purpose is to separate the intended target from the herd, encircle the flanks and close to prevent the prey from escaping. It is an extremely efficient and scientific way to hunt with herd species.

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